Girls, Preschool & Boys Camps in 2021/5781

To Camp Eitan Breakaway Families, We hope you and your loved ones are doing well. ​ These uncertain times have underlined the importance of schools, daycares and other childcare programs to the sustained mental and physical well-being of children and families alike. ​ G-d Willing Camp Eitan Breakaway will run separate Girls, Preschool and Boys camps in 2021.

Families will have the option to register together with other families in their cohorts and activities will take place outdoors wherever possible.

Family Cohorts will function independently, select their own activities and specialties and include counsellors from their own cohort where applicable. ​ Former camp director Daniel Opert has returned to Camp Eitan Breakaway in the same role. The camp would like to thank Rabbi Levine and Rabbi Weinberg for their decades of extraordinary leadership and Rabbi Kestenbaum for his excellent stewardship of Camp Eitan Breakaway since 2017. ​ Full 2021 details will be available soon. ​ In the meantime, we are now accepting applications for head staff and counsellor positions. Resumes and cover letters are not required. Instead, we ask applicants to email their response to the question below. ​ "As a senior counsellor of a bunk or cohort, how would you make 2021 a special summer for your campers?" ​ We look forward to seeing everyone soon

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